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iconist_awards's Journal

Icon Maker Awards
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A dumb name for a (hopefully) good community.

What is it?:
Each week or so, there will be a nomination post or two for different categories. On that post, you will comment with three people you feel deserve to be called "the best" in that category. Later on, there will be an overall vote with the people who received the 5 most nominations. The people will then vote on those 5 people.

What are the categories?

Best icon maker - overall
Best icon maker - using a "simple" style (clean, clear icons - will be clarified in nomination post)
Best icon maker - using a more "complex" style (also will be clarified)
Best icon maker to not post icons in more than two months
Best icon maker - coloring
Best icon maker - text
Best icon maker - trendsetter
Best icon maker - cropping

Best resource maker - overall
Best resource maker - brushes
Best resource maker - textures
Best resource maker - stock images

Best Buffy/Angel icon maker
Best Veronica Mars icons maker
Best Harry Potter icon maker
Best sci-fi icon maker (will be clarified)
Best "not very popular fandom" icon maker (will be clarified)
Best Alias icon maker
Best Lost icon maker
Best music-based icon maker

Most under-rated/under-appreciated (will be clarified)
Most creative
Funniest icons

and a few special categories:

Best larger graphic maker
Best commenter to icon posts
The "where are they now" award
Best mod of icon communities
Best icon community (not elite)
Best icon community (elite)
Best icon challenge (not elite)
Best icon challenge (elite)
Best LIMS challenge

Most will be made more clear as the nomination posts go up. Some categories may stay, and some may go away. More might be added

**special note to those running an icon community**
If you do run an icon community, we may give out special awards for your comm. As an example, the mods of icon_crack may give an award to the person who has won the most challenges, or any sort of comm may give an award for most active member, or something like that. There will be a post about this later on.

Any questions? Just comment.

-Your mods,
likegunfire, saeva and fly_meaway